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Looking for a Hotel
Near Zion National Park?

Stay in one of our amazing Tiny Homes located at Zion's Tiny Getaway. We have an entire resort with a variety of Tiny Homes to choose from. Our tiny homes are private, fun, comfortable and clean. Our homes are perfect for a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family seeking fun and space.

Make your visit to Zion's National Park even more memorable by staying at our convenient resort. Avoid additional fees by booking directly with us. Click here to get started. 



Our tiny homes are spacious and comfortable. Most of them even have small kitchens and Bar-B-Que grills. The bathrooms are full size with all the convenience of a hotel and the comfort of home. There is plenty of room to sit, sleep and rest both in the home and the attached decks.



We know how important a clean room is, so we make sure the tiny house is clean and comfortable for your stay.


We take pride in our cleanliness. We are thrilled that customers give us positive ratings. 



No shared walls, no neighbors making noises in the next room, no hallways or elevators, and no busy parking lots, just privacy and freedom.  

Each of our tiny homes have a dedicated parking space and all the privacy you need. And if you want to let the light in, there are windows and skylights so you can see all of the beauty around the resort.  


The kids will have a blast in a tiny home. And if you are coming as a couple, you will have a romantic experience that only a tiny house can offer. 

The tiny homes have kitchens, TVs and many have fireplaces. Every home has a deck and a BBQ grill. And if your kids need to get the wiggles out, we even have a playground. If you're looking for more adventure, we offer horse and RV experiences. 


Get Started!

Many of our tiny houses are booked months in advance, so don't wait! Get started right now and book your adventure. 

Get started here. 

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