Meet Our Team

John, A Tiny House Builder

Autumn- CEO of Tiny Homes. The brains and idea of the phenomenal company, Tiny Homes. Autumn has a passion for Tiny Homes and her dream is everyone to have a home wherever they go. “Making your dreams become reality and keep things simple and affordable”. Autumn is also a loving mother of two kids and adores hanging out with them whenever she gets the chance.

John, A Tiny House Builder

John is our Project Manager. The main guy that keeps our production going and makes sure everything is running smoothly and on time. Oversees the project as a whole. John was born and raised in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu. He has 10 brothers and sisters. He graduated from Kahuku high school and Honolulu College. He then ventured off to become a carpenter, then decided his real home was St. George Utah. John is married to his beautiful wife along with his four amazing kids. His passion in life is music and would love to learn how to play the piano and guitar one day. Also loves to build and create new things with his hands.

John, A Tiny House Builder

Aimee is our sweet secretary who has the hardest job of them all. She gets to hold all the slack of the company and makes it work no matter what. She does all of our ordering, book keeping, answers phone calls, updates, etc. List never ends. Aimee is a loving mother of four kids. She use to teach Home Economics and Interior design to staying at home to raising her kids to becoming our Secretary.

Payton, A Tiny Home Builder

Payton is our newly Forman who came clear from Alaska. He moved to St. George two years ago with his wife and his cat. Payton also likes to climb, swim, shoot guns and well, just drive fast. His work experience has been in the construction industry for six years now. Thoroughly loves and has a passion for Tiny Homes and would love to make your visual reality. Needless to say, he likes to put his creativity to work.

Little John, A Tiny Home Builder

Little John is also one of our fine Craftsman. Little John is a do it himself kind of guy. Super good handy guy who can do pretty much anything. Just tell him and he will figure out how to do it. Little John has two kids and one on the way. His all-time favorite thing to do is being an artist and showing his creativeness. Don’t forget, Little John also built his own Tiny Home and is now proud to be working with Tiny Homes.