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Meet the McGregors

Autumn and Jared McGregor are building an empire in Southern Utah. Their businesses include Zion's Tiny Homes, Zion's Tiny Getaway and much more. They have three kids, horses, and fascinating people in their extended family as well as employees that seem like family. Take a look at this video series about their lives and business efforts.

The Warehouse

Zion's Tiny Homes has been growing exponentially for several years and it's time to expand. The new warehouse is under construction. Autumn gives you a walkthrough while it's being built. 

Tiny Home Investment Formula

A tiny house can be an amazing investment, and Autumn shares her insights on how to do it successfully. 

Family Christmas Photos

Follow Autumn and Jared as they take Christmas photos. 

Teammates and Tipping Homes

Autumn talks about the importance of trust and long-term relationships after some damage at Zion's Tiny Getaway. 

Look Inside Four Tiny Homes

Autumn shows you inside four of the beautiful tiny homes at Zion's Tiny Getaway. 

Demolition Day

Autumn starts demolition at one of their investment properties to prepare for a renovation. 

Halloween Party

Check out this video of Autumn and Jared's Halloween party. 

The First Truck

Autumn and Jared sit down and discuss their first risks as they began building their tiny home empire. 

Broken Bones and Healing Lives

The McGregor family faces the tragedy of losing a beloved family animal - Aiden's horse. 

Automatics and Axes

Autumn goes to the firing range and spends the day with her little sister. 

Meet the McGregors

Check out this short video overview of the amazing story of Autumn and Jared McGregor. 

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