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Tiny House
Video Tours

We are proud of our amazing tiny homes. We construct new homes every single day in our warehouse in Southern Utah.


We hope you enjoy these tours of some of our favorite tiny homes. 

Beautiful Bojo

Serial Entrepreneur, Sierra McCleve, owns three tiny homes on the resort. In this tour she walks us through her Bojo tiny home. 

The Falls

With photos from local photographer Spencer Andersen adorning the walls, "The Falls" tiny home is a unique addition to Zion's Tiny Getaway. It includes many windows, three skylights, a big deck, incredible views of the mountains and some design ideas that are unique to this tiny house. 

The Harrington

Check out this gorgeous tiny house located at Zion's Tiny Getaway. It has two sleeping areas, sky lights, a lot of wood and even a washing machine!

Ultra Modern Tiny House

This home is bright, spacious and it sleeps six people. This tiny house has a great media center that includes a fireplace. The bathroom has a separate space for getting ready and the shower/toilet area. This home is incredible. 

Route 66 Tiny House

This unique tiny home has amazing windows and living areas. It even has a convention oven. 

Route 66 Tiny House

Bailey McGregor takes you on a tour of one of her favorite tiny homes, the Ruby Red. You will have fun watching her cute take on this incredible home. 

The Zen Tiny House

This is one of our most popular tiny homes. The color and decorations are gorgeous and inviting. It even has a King size bed with a tall ceiling. 

The Sun Catcher

Bright colors, interesting bathroom, great kitchen and living space. Aiden McGregor takes you on a short tour of one of the incredible tiny houses at Zion's Tiny Getaway. 

The Aloha Tiny House

This tiny house has some truly unique design elements. A passage with a rope railing and a number of other things that give it an island feel. We think you will love this. 

The Modern Haven

You will love this tiny home that sleeps eight people! Autumn walks you through some of the details in this amazing video. 

The Moonrise

From the stone fireplace to the beautiful bathtub and washroom elements, you will love the Moonrise Tiny Home. 

The Starboard

This boat-themed tiny home is unique and stunning. You will love the bathroom and fixtures. You gotta watch this.  

The Modern Haven

Take at a look at this photo tour of the Modern Haven tiny home located at Zion's Tiny Getaway. 

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