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It's Starting Tiny Home Giveaway!!

Updated: Mar 26

I am so excited to announce our new tiny home program. I founded Zion's Tiny Homes in 2017 with big goals and dreams to one day open a non-profit community focusing on helping abuse victims build a new life and find themselves again with onsite counseling and job training.

When I started Zion's Tiny Homes, we had no funding or Angel investors. We started small and built up to where we are now. The last seven years have been filled with adventures, from starting a nightly rental community where every home is individually owned to living in communities. It's all been a stepping stone to creating a non-profit community.

Here's the best part: George Kongaika with PLC trains individuals needing a second chance. We will be partnering to build and donate homes for non-profit communities. PLC will help with the labor, and Zion's Tiny Homes will supply building materials and the how-to. Every home will be inspected and must pass Zion's Tiny Homes standards before being donated. Zion's Tiny Homes will maintain its crew and build with everyday customers.

But here's the real kicker: for every five tiny homes purchased, we pledge to donate one to a deserving individual or family. That's not just a promise; it's a commitment to making a tangible difference in people's lives.

Join us in our mission to build not just tiny homes but futures. Together, we can create thriving communities and empower individuals to write the next chapter of their lives. Let's build a brighter tomorrow, one tiny home at a time."

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