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Custom Build

Your Custom Built Tiny House RV Awaits You!

What comes standard in our Tiny House RV's and what do they cost?


Your custom built Tiny House RV will include the following in our base model (base model items can be upgraded for an additional cost and we can upgrade the size up to 30ft):  Base model starts at $35,000.  Financing Available 

  • Trailer with brakes on all 4 wheels​

  • 16ft trailer is base model size

  • 2 Lofts

    • Queen sized loft with outlets and 2 recessed ceiling lights

    • Twin sized loft with outlets and 1 recessed ceiling light

    • 1 Removable wood ladder to access loft(s)

  • Wood interior. Cedar or pine

  • Painted walls and exterior unless you choose otherwise 

  • Vynal flooring [5 color choices]​

  • Fiber Glass Insulation

  • Your choice of half glass or full glass front door

  • Barn door or pocket door included for bathroom

  • White vinyl single hung windows with screens

  • 11 windows included in base model- only square and rectangle windows included in base price.

  • Includes( 6 )1'x3', (1) 1'x5' 

Your choice of Roof Styles:

  • Steep Gable:  triangle shape at the end of the roof 

  • Shed Gable:  square shape at the end of the roof 

  • Shed Roof: slanted roof on one side of the Tiny Home

Exterior options that come in base model:​

  • Metal siding

  • Wood siding

Interior Features incuded in base model:

  • Up to 8 feet of butcher block counter space with shelves and doors* [*counter space depends on the layout and size of the kitchen]

  • Bathroom vanity

  • Flip-up table

  • Kitchen sink with faucet

  • Standard residential toilet or rv toilet

  • 36-inch fiberglass stand-up shower stall, metal sided custom shower, or a glass shower

  • RV on demand water heater.

  • Interior lighting fixtures (10 light fixtures total) 

Exterior Features:

  • Porch light

  • Utility/storage box built on the outside tongue or on the back of the Tiny Home

  • RV hookups for water and electric

  • AC and Heat Unit

If there is something that you want on your Tiny House RV and it's not included on the base model; we can add it for additional cost. "If you can dream it, we can build it!"  

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