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What is Zions tiny homes up to now?

It has been a transformative year since I embarked on a journey beyond Utah, exploring the diverse needs of our customers. Through this experience, I've identified key priorities: sustainability, unencumbered land, the pursuit of peace, and happiness. With these values in mind, I am thrilled to share my vision for a new tiny home community.

Having dreamt of owning a forest since childhood, my passion has evolved into a mission to help others discover their own slice of happiness. I have identified the perfect location—a stunning 530-acre property featuring power, roads, a freshwater spring, three ponds, septic facilities, and a well.

The first phase of our community will carve out 200 acres to create 13 exclusive plots, each spanning 15.38 acres. These parcels are designed for individuals seeking a self-sufficient lifestyle with the ability to farm, raise animals, and enjoy the tranquility of the forest. Only owner-occupied arrangements will be available, ensuring a tight-knit and unique community.

I am currently accepting orders to build custom tiny homes for this exceptional community. To learn more and reserve your spot, please feel free to reach out directly via text at (435) 554-9994 or contact my office at (435) 359-0168.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to be a part of a sustainable and harmonious community.

Sincerely, Autumn McGregor

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