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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Vinyl flooring can be a beautiful addition to a tiny home. And some brands of flooring are really easy to switch out if a plank gets damaged. It's also really important to get waterproof flooring, not just water resistant. Watch this Youtube Short of Autumn talking about flooring.

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Zion's Tiny Homes is RVIA certified so you can get RV loans from any bank. We are also listed in NADA. We have worked with a number of different banks to do loans.

We also work with Operation Tiny House to help our buyers get a grant for a percentage of their down payment up to fifteen thousand dollars.

Watch this video to hear Autumn discuss Tiny Home Financing.

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The major differences have to do with the craftsmanship, the quality of the materials and the livability. We expect our tiny homes to last thirty years while an RV usually has to be removed from a trailer park after ten years because it’s falling apart.

RVs are often built within seven hours while a tiny home can take four to six weeks to build. And a tiny home uses the fixtures and materials that any normal home would use. For example, the showers and sinks are full size and the materials to modify and refurbish or maintain a tiny home are available at Home Depot, just like any other house.

Listen to Autumn and Erik address this question in this video.

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